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With his personable presentation style, Mike Wagner brings fresh ideas to life with impactful real-life stories. Using his 30-plus years of professional speaking experience, Mike will energize your event’s attendees and leave them with practical ideas they can implement right away to improve their personal and organization’s performance.

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Continuously innovating is imperative to any organization’s success. But how do you become an innovative organization? Mike takes a unique approach to innovation, first helping leaders understand where to strategically choose to innovate within their organization and secondly how to implement a design process for consistently producing innovative results.

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You get the brand you deserve, not the one you want. So how do you lead your organization to develop a remarkable brand? Mike removes the mystery surrounding branding in his presentation, first by helping you measure your brand’s current performance, and secondly shifting how you think about branding, moving to an inside out approach.

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In today’s fast-paced world you must constantly be changing to keep up with new technology and consumer demands. So how do you tell if you are keeping up and actually changing? In this revealing talk, Mike shows you how rapidly “changing” stresses your organization in five unique ways and how to overcome each challenge.

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In today’s sales environment you must respect your customer’s time by presenting only the information they need. So how do you discover the right information to present? In Mike’s energizing presentation, he shows you how to uncover a customer’s desired outcome and select just the right response to help them make a buying decision.

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Your message is only as good as your ability to communicate it. So how do you tailor your message to be understood by your intended audience? In Mike’s informative presentation, he shows you first how to identify your audience’s preferred communication style, and secondly how to adapt your message to leave a lasting impact on your audience.

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Your organization is unique and looking for just the right message. Well you have found the right man for the job. With Mike’s varied background as a Church Planter, Internet Business Strategist, and Entrepreneur, Mike is capable of developing a message that hits all the right notes and addresses your unique situation.

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Mike brings 30+ years of professional speaking experience

Mike Wagner is a skilled communicator, facilitator, and business consultant who believes you must “keep creating” to be successful. Mike has been speaking professionally since the beginning of his career, first speaking on a weekly basis as a Pastor and Church Planter for 17 years, before moving into the business world where he continues to speak professionally.

With his engaging and story-driven presentation style, Mike develops Keynote Presentations, Breakout Sessions and Trainings that inject fresh ideas into his audiences. Whether Mike is speaking in front of thousands of audience members at a national conference like Internet World, or in a more intimate setting like a local association meeting, he adapts his talk to leave a lasting impact on his audience.

As a life long learner, and self-proclaimed “book worm”, Mike loves bringing ideas to life through compelling stories that help audiences see their path to success. With his varied background as a Church Planter, Internet Business Strategist, and Entrepreneur, Mike is capable of speaking on a variety of presentation topics and connecting with a wide range of audiences.

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The Positive Power of Being Strange

What makes you strange and the strangeness you see in others is essential to solving the complex problems facing today’s organizations and businesses.

In this popular TEDx Talk, Mike Wagner will challenge you to engage others with your unique strangeness, leverage your differences to solve complex problems, and focus diverse people around a meaningful mission.

How Do You Know It’s “Change”

In today’s fast-paced world you must constantly be changing to keep up with new technology and consumer demands, but how can you tell if you are actually changing?

In this fast-paced talk, Mike Wagner will show you how “change” stresses your organization in five unique ways and how to overcome each challenge.

What Clients Are Saying About Mike…

Mike consistently receives high praise from organizations that invite him to present.

Mary Matzke

Mary Matzke

Mike’s presentation was both engaging and stimulating, creating a buzz among the attendees, many of whom are by nature quiet and introspective.

-Program Director, HIMSS – Kansas Chapter

Ali Schwanke

Ali Schwanke

Mike Wagner provided the perfect presentation for our group! He excelled at engaging the audience and providing valuable takeaways that individuals could easily implement in their business. His perspective on branding from the inside out is spot on!

-President, Lincoln Chapter of American Marketing Association

Anna Nalean

Anna Nalean

Mike’s message was GREAT! And I know everyone walked away with their wheels turning and thinking about their personal brand in a new way.

-Program Director, Community Connect


Greg Ruehle

Mike’s presentation style really connected with our conference attendees! He provided them with take-home tools that they could put to use right away to improve their communication.

-President, Independent Professional Seed Association

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